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Mac Allen coaches Team Mac, www.teammac.co, for racing in distances from 800 meters to the ultra marathon. A top-flight masters competitor himself, Mac has over 15 years of coaching experience.

Training with Mac: The Mental Aspect to Training

A huge part of running is how to make yourself go when you just don’t feel like it. In this regard, you could say that half of our sport is mental. In other words the mind is what makes you get up and go and helps you run your run best when you need it. [...]

Training with Mac: How To Improve Your Form for More Efficient Running

As a runner, you have probably had the same experience I have had many times: A non-runner asks you how to run. How do we do it? Or, what is the best way to run? But there is no best way. Running is a natural activity that doesn’t necessarily need to be taught. One of [...]

Training With Mac: How To Use Drills To Build Strength and Develop Better Form

Runners can’t run all the time, but one of the ways they can improve is by doing running specific workouts that will help your running technique while avoiding the pounding of the roads. When done properly, drills can improve your technique, form and speed. They are easy to do. Merely do drills two or three [...]

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Training with Mac: How To Use Austin Hills for Speed and Strength

This is Hill Country and here in Austin we certainly have more than our fair share of great hills for running. We're fortunate to have so many classic climbs as hills and hill repeats are an important component of any solid training program. Running hills properly and with consistency will build strength and mental tenacity. [...]

Training With Mac: Learning and Practicing Proper Pace is The Key

One of the most important aspects of distance running/racing is an understanding of proper pace. What distinguishes an experienced, knowledgeable runner from a newbie is the savvy racer runs the correct pace and the beginner often doesn’t. Regardless of your level of skill or experience, the greatest mistake for just about every runner is to [...]

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Training With Mac: Marathon Training Speed Workouts for the Track

As we detailed last week, speed work - especially strength work - doesn't have to be on the track. But after a few weeks of building strength off the track, it's advisable to go to a track and aim for a certain time to run for a specific distance. What I suggest is base everything [...]

Training With Mac: Building Strength Through Speed Work

There's no question that doing regular speed work will build your speed, but speed work can also build strength. For distance runners, this strength running is the most important type of speed work you can do. It is also the type of speed work you should totally focus on during a training season in which [...]

Speed Work Specifics For Improving Your Speed

Before beginning just about any run, you should ask yourself the purpose of it. The majority of training runs are easy runs that are designed to build endurance, but on the speed work day it’s a little more complicated. It's important to decide what type of speed you will be working on and why you [...]

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Training With Mac: Intro to Speed – How To Get Faster and Stronger This Year

For a distance runner, the most important element of running faster is endurance. All the miles you log, including the easy miles of the long run, are the endurance base you need. But once that cake is baked, it becomes the time to put the icing on the cake. That entails training for the element [...]

Training With Mac: Finding Your Optimum Long Run Pace And Distance

Building endurance from weekly mileage is the most important part of distance running, but the long run with its endurance boost is the most important part of weekly mileage. Most marathoners are acutely aware of the import of the long run, but either don't know how far or fast it should be. Just like the [...]

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