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About Carl Stones

Carl Stones grew up in Round Rock and ran XC and track for the Dragons before moving on the run at the University of Tulsa. In his final season he earned All-American honors in the Steeplechase and won a couple conference championships. He moved back to Austin to train with Rogue Athletic Club and to continue competing on the track. He majored in Exercise Science at Tulsa and aspires to be a Physical Therapist. When not running, Carl spends his off time camping and backpacking.

Treating the Problem Rather Than The Symptom

It’s 4 months from that big fall marathon when the pain begins.  The discomfort starts as a twinge on the outside of the knee, but quickly progresses into a much more debilitating pain.  All eyes turn toward the knee and you start to remember all that hearsay from your Uncle Don and Aunt Nancy about [...]