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Ashish Patel began swimming at the age of four by taking swim lessons and running at the age of seven by participating in kid runs. He ran cross country and track and swam competitively throughout high school. He then competed in Triathlons while studying at Virginia Tech and the University of Florida. Immediately after completing graduate school in 2008, Ashish took a job and moved to Austin. He currently works at Headspring as an IT Consultant. Since moving to Austin, Ashish primarily trains for marathons and half-marathons, but he also enjoys competing in the occasional triathlon to exercise his passion for swimming and cycling.

Austin Finishers at Boston

Place Overall Place Gender Name HALF Finish Net 570 544 » Hess, Ryan (USA) 1:20:42 2:51:20 831 794 » Bergman, Marc (USA) 1:24:30 2:54:35 836 799 » Ray, Kyle (USA) 1:27:16 2:54:39 904 863 » Stone, Jamie (USA) 1:24:28 2:55:30 920 879 » Wu, Liang (USA) 1:26:46 2:55:37 931 889 » Bell, Colin (USA) 1:24:36 2:55:46 960 916 » Premkumar, Ashish (IND) [...]

Austin Finishers at the Chicago Marathon

Overall Gender Name (CTZ) Age Finish 313 283 Whipple, Brett (USA) 28 2:45:47 395 352 Smith, Walter (USA) 50 2:48:55 411 365 Lewis, Michael (USA) 37 2:49:20 416 47 Colligan, Nora (USA) 32 2:49:26 428 381 Chase, Steve (USA) 46 2:49:47 896 115 Reber, Amber (USA) 30 2:58:34 1040 911 Bane, Ryan (USA) 37 2:59:57 [...]

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Austin to Boston Results: Bergman, Colligan top Finishers

227 Bergman, Marc J. 34 M Austin TX USA     5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k 0:19:30 0:38:33 0:57:46 1:17:16 1:21:31 1:36:41 1:57:03 2:17:07 2:36:29 Finish: Pace Proj. Time Offl. Time Overall Gender Division 0:06:17 2:44:37 2:44:37 564 531 443 5997 Lohr, Alex 26 M Austin TX USA     5k 10k 15k [...]

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Austin Sending 216 Boston Runners. How Do We Stack Up to Other Cities and Who are They?

By far, Austin sends the most runners to Boston per capita than any other of the big four cities in Texas, a huge testament to Austin’s culture and community. The running community is well-established, large, and tight-knit, and I imagine that most of the runners in Austin intend to keep it that way. CITY RUNNERS [...]

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Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup (Dec. 29-Jan. 1, 2014)

Nick Symmonds Signs with Brooks, Leaving Oregon Track Club/Nike Nick Symmonds, the five-time USATF 800-meter champion and 2013 world championships silver medalist, has ended a seven-year relationship with Nike and signed a shoe and apparel contract with Brooks. He is not at liberty to discuss the financial specifics of his Brooks deal. Couple in Their [...]

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2013 CIM Marathon Texas Finishers

Nearly 100 runners traveled from Texas to Sacramento on December 8th for the annual California International Marathon. Congrats to all the amazing finishes! Overall First Name Last Name Chip Final Pace Sex City Age 36 REBECCA WADE 2:30:38 0:05:45 F HOUSTON 24 49 BRENT WOODLE 2:33:52 0:05:52 M PLANO 28 257 JIM FITZPATRICK 2:57:14 0:06:46 [...]

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Austin’s 2013 Chicago Marathon Finishers

Place Overall Place Gender Finish Name (CTZ) City, State BIB Age Place Division HALF 101 91 2:33:40 » Morton, Bryan (USA) Austin, TX 691 31 26 1:16:20 165 152 2:40:50 » Williams, David (USA) Austin, TX 728 25 57 1:19:31 464 47 2:53:02 » Rogers, Jillian (USA) Austin, TX 181 28 18 1:26:07 518 466 [...]

San Antonio Running Training Groups

Alamo 180 Multisport + Training http://www.alamo180.com Alamo 180 is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Jeff and Bree Soileau. Living and loving the active-lifestyle is their passion and they want to share it with others. Alamo 180 specializes in run and triathlon group training. Programs are designed to improve health and wellness [...]

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Austin Running Training Groups

The sheer number of training groups (and the number of coaches) in Austin is astounding. A partial list includes Austin and Round Rock Fit, Gilbert’s Gazelles and the biggest by far, Rogue Training Systems. Also, several of the best running stores in the area such as Luke’s Locker, Hill Country Running and Texas Running Company [...]

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5 Exercises Done Wrong – How To Do Them Right

As millions of Americans in February have almost given up on those new years resolutions, many are getting in over their heads. According to Stacy Berman, a New York City certified personal trainer and founder of Stacy’s Boot Camp, “when a person decides to attempt lifting and exercise on their own, they are at great risk [...]

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